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Subscription Upgrade

When you have decided to opt for a higher plan because it contains more content and value than your current plan, it is pretty easy to make that switch. 


How can I switch to a higher and broader plan?


First login to your streaming platform and then go to your ‘Account’ section. When you are in the ‘Account’ section, go to the section ‘Plan Details’ for more information on your subscription package. There you will see your current plan and the plans that you can upgrade to.  


Once you choose the plan you want to upgrade to, just click on the ‘Choose’ button of the plan that you want to switch to. 




When you select the upgrade plan of your choice, you will see the following screen where the platform asks you to confirm your choice. When you want to make the switch choose ‘Change Plan’. When you want to stay with your current plan click ‘Keep Current Plan’ 




When you confirm the switch, you will see the following confirmation page. You will receive a confirmation email stating that your new plan is in effect. You will have instant access to the new catalog. During the next billing cycle, the amount of the new plan will be charged from the payment method that you chose in the beginning. 



What when there is no other plan shown to upgrade to?


When you are in the Plan Details section of your Account section, and it only shows your current plan, it either means one of the following two options: 

  1. The streaming platform does not offer a higher plan.
  2. Your current plan is already the highest plan available. 



Will the billing date for the subscription change now that I chose a new plan? 


Your billing date will remain the same as your previous plan. The subscription amount of the new plan will be charged during the next billing cycle from the payment method you chose in the beginning when creating your account.





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