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I have not received the receipt. What should I do?

Receipts help you keep track of your transactions and sometimes, you may not find it right away in your inbox.

  1. First, check your Spam or Junk folder. Sometimes, important emails get caught by the filter and it happens to emails coming from Cleeng too. If you found the Cleeng receipt in your Spam folder, please make sure you add us to your address book.
  2. Check your other email addresses! We know how some people have multiple email accounts and sometimes, they get interchanged. If you have another email address, check your other inbox—your Cleeng receipt might be there.

Have you checked these two options and still cannot find the receipt? No worries! Submit a request to us or write directly to the broadcaster (the one who published the content). They also have a way to send you the receipt if you purchased through Cleeng.

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