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Privacy Practices

Here at Cleeng, we understand your needs and while we aim to deliver the best video experience, we also value and protect your privacy. This is why we are keen on not sharing your data without your consent or as otherwise legally permitted, such as in the context of fraud prevention.

We do have an informative set of FAQs, but one common reason for a viewer contacting us is difficulty accessing their accounts using their chosen devices.

To address this matter, we collect limited information such as their;

  • Email address,
  • Name of the event,
  • How much was paid and/or,
  • Alternative email address for further review


More importantly, we do not collect our viewer's credit card numbers or other directly identifiable information to address such issues. We may collect other relevant information, such as a receipt or a screenshot of the payment confirmation.

Integrity is core to Cleeng. We explain how we handle our viewer’s information in our Cleeng User Agreement, which is complemented by specific privacy notices for certain content provider's policies.

As part of our commitment to protect your personal data in a transparent manner, Cleeng wants to inform you on; why and how Cleeng collects, uses, and stores your personal data, the lawful basis on which your personal data is processed, what your rights and our obligations are in relation to such processing and Cleeng's personal data principles here.


Lastly, always keep in mind that your personal information belongs to you and you control how it is used.

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