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What Cleeng Offers

Launched in 2011, Cleeng is uniquely focusing on Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) platform designed for OTT services.


Dedicated to online video monetization, Cleeng started working with brands HBO Boxing, FIFA World Cup, Foxtel, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, FranceTV and 100’s of broadcasters and media organizations to sell their live pay-per-view events and SVOD content. Accumulating a wealth of experience, the company has since then developed a unique platform to overcome churn and predict retention using millions of data-points. The Subscription economy is booming, and more attention needs to be put on the Subscriber retention. Improving these metrics is essential to reaching a positive ROI and to continue to grow the subscriber base year-on-year. 


Cleeng SRM™ stack is deeply connected with the full subscriber journey, from the initial registration and transaction to creating exceptional identity management, recurring billing, security, and customer care experiences.


Cleeng was founded in 2011 by former Apple, Philips and NEC e-commerce and media experts, and is currently headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with offices in the US, Poland, Philipines, Mexico, and Australia. Cleeng has received many prestigious awards, including Streaming Media “Top 100 Companies that matter most in online video“ for the past 3 years, and "2019 - Excellence in Content Protection" by TV Connect.


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