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What are In-App Payments?


In-App payments allow you to purchase and access your favorite video content directly on your smart device. They use their own billing system and provide you with the opportunity to use your preferred payment methods within the app. It allows a seamless experience simply by staying within the app, instead of being redirected to the website. Here are some examples:

  • Integrated with the main app stores (iOS, tvOS, Google Play, Amazon Fire, Roku)
  • One-time billing (transactions), recurring billing (subscriptions)


When you make a purchase through an app, Cleeng does not handle your payment. Some broadcasters leverage involvement from the main stores e.g: iTunes (Apple). 


* Please note, not all broadcasters have enabled In-App payments. If available, you will see the option during checkout. If you proceed with the payment, you will get an e-mail confirmation from your chosen biller and the same biller will appear on your bank statement.


**Please also be advised that any payment disputes for payments made via these third party billers are not handled by Cleeng. You will have to contact the respective biller for further assistance. 


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