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Rounded Pricing Per Offer

At Cleeng, the satisfaction of our Clients viewers means a lot to us and we make sure that they are charged correctly per transaction. If you have been charged higher than expected, here are the possible reasons:


  • Payment method fee. The charge of the payment method chosen. This depends on the payment method you’ve chosen to use on your purchase. To know more, please contact your financial institution or Paypal.
  • Rounded Pricing per offer. It is an additional charge on your receipt is made depending on your country’s tax net value.


ExampleIf the event is for $10.99 in the US, you can purchase it for exactly $10.99 and there is no additional charge if you’re within the US and using a credit card (this refers to the Payment method fee). However, if you are to purchase the same event and you are located in Poland, you may be charged a different amount. ie: $10.99 for the event and the tax net value of your local (this refers to the rounded pricing per offer).


If I purchase a charity event, can these charges be waived?


We truly support charity events and understand that the contents may have lower associated costs. In cases like this, Cleeng can make an exemption and setup hardcore offers to not show the tax amounts, but this is only valid in the case where it is requested by the event owner.


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