Cómo crear un evento en vivo de Pago Por Evento


Before you create an event in the Cleeng platform, you must first make sure that one of the OVP allows the live event (Brightcove Kaltura, Livestream, Ooyala or be similarly) was recorded. After that, you will need to register an account and create your page Cleeng pre-booking first event (we call 'Creating an event ").

Create a live event pay-per-view

  1. Registraruna cuentaenCleeng  https://cleeng.com/us/publisher-registration/live , or if yatiene an account, simply accederaquí: https://cleeng.com/us/my-account
  2. Make clickthe 'Event' Live "down (left menu)" Misofertas "ycrear a new event. Add susdetalles event, suchas elnombre the event start yterminarlas fechasy the descripción.Definirqué type eventoque is yestimar the deespectadores number. 
  3. He then decides if the event deseaque seaun gratuitoopagado event and set elprecio desired. Define sielevento debeestar availablein all dedeterminados mundoosólo within countries (to read more about the restricciónGeo, look here: https://support.cleeng.com/hc/en-us/articles/202117748-Geo-restriction.    3ii. Tenga en cuenta que hay dos opciones de honorarios opciones a la hora de fijar un precio para su evento. En primer lugar mediante la selección de la primera caja puede repercutir el precio para el comprador como se muestra en la imagen de abajo   Al seleccionar el segundo cuadro que puede absorber la cuota como se muestra en la imagen de abajo, 
  4. In addition, we offer an easy way to associate their offers live and on-demand VOD.                                                                          
  5. Select the platform detransmisión theCode yluegopega of inserciónque has copiadodesde this platform.
  6. Select the platform detransmisión theCode yluegopega of inserciónque has copiadodesde this platform. Tenemosun pair video detutorialesde lassiguientesaplicaciones quele help collect / pegarel embed code:
  1. Now is the momentopara build and promote his eventopara tantobullicio in aella around as possible. 
  • Write unsumarioemocionante, then add amedios social communication links outposts.
  • Add pre unavista YouTube / promocionaly crearun hashtag.
  1. Click "Publishing a page event." You'll notice deque pre-A aparecesu From here, you can change the background image, logo or colors botonesenlos "Page Settings" before going live. 
  2. A vezpublicada, copy the eventoy supágina elenlace to promote his start event. However, if you own site avender elevento desdesu weby tienensus espectadoresinician emisióna session inthe From there, make clickthe "Insert event". Then copy / paste the code into your website. 

IMPORTANT: If an event is inserted into your web page, you need to include the FAQs events there, along with the customer support form Email Post. If you choose to skip this step, we will not be able to help viewers.  Please carefully read how to add this to your web site >>


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