Cómo ofrecer un VOD (reproducción) después que un evento ha finalizado


Delivering a VOD (playback) after an event has ended

Offering VOD repeat after her event has finished the setting is easy and it depends only takes a couple of minutes.


There are two ways to do this:

The easiest method - is the replacement of an insertion of a live event with an insertion of a recording, while working in the same configuration of the initial event:

  1. Go a https://cleeng.com/us/my-account  yacceder Cleeng its board. In the 'live event' 'section to find elevento deseaofrecer as VOD 
  2. Click the esquinasuperior pequeñoengranajeen inthe right Lacarta of eventoy, then click on the "Modify esteevento".
  3. From here you have to edit 2 crucial parameters:
  • Ajustarel title eventomediante adding deuna word '[Replay]' to it, so that this noesun event susespectadoresreconocenque vivomás I perosólo surepetición.
  • Fechade Ajustede the end of the event-to susclientes are capable deverla repetition.

Optional: You can also adjust the price. Please note that a new price will apply only to new purchases, from new buyers. All who have purchased access to this event before, will be able to watch a replay of charge. is only access to the system.

  1. Replace lainsercióndela vivoconlainserciónde broadcast recording-just copy / paste desdesuplataforma broadcast. Most platforms delas deguardar automáticacomode susemisionesde form video. If decualquier doubt decómoguardar susemisiones such comograbaciones, please refer to it secciónde help suplataforma.

Click on 'Update event configuration' and you're ready!

  1. Estaes how inwhichthe the result finalsería the result:

Note: If you want to sell recordings directly from your web site as a completely new offer (available for purchase by anyone who visits your website), you should check out this FAQ.


A more advanced method Offering a replay available as a VOD file.

  1. Create unvídeo la carte usandoCleengPlay.No Decomo'm sure I do it? Check out tutorial aThis >>
  2. Next, associate onyour VODconel live event. You will find lafuncionalidad elsegundo deasociación in step (Setting your price) of vídeobajo withAmable demand. 
  3. Everything You Need doings decide quéofrecedesea creandoaestar the vídeose is linked to. You dosopciones in pop elmenú "Link to this video auna Subscription oun pass" or "Link this video even vivopasado event". 
  4. As a result, the customer will see entoncesel botón'ver repetition 'on your page eventopasado. 

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