Creación de cupones para su evento PPV


Coupon creation is very easy and can be done by its offer live events, including offers to pass. Click (your main navigation on the left side) 'Coupons' and begins to fill a coupon form.

Therefore, we believe a coupon first:


  1. Give your campaign a name
  2. Number of coupons and coupon code : You can choose to create either a coupon or multiple promotion codes. A coupon code is only visible / editable if one coupon is chosen. If you create multiple coupons, we will generate coupon codes automatically. 
  3.  Campaign applicable to : enter the ID of an offer of events (see point 6) that the coupon will be applied to and then select "nonrecurring deals' in the drop-down menu.
  4. Number of use (s) user : if your coupon can be used once, twice or maybe 20 times before it expires is entirely up to you. 
  5. applied specific offerings : for you sell a large number of different offers, you can decide here whether coupons should be applied to a concrete offer This is where the specific ID of each offer are introduced.. 
  6. Discount : here you can decide whether your customers they have discounted access to their offer (s). If, for example, you grant his client 50% of the offer, which will be able to enter a promotional code and get 50% off when you purchase. If they are granted free access (you can do this by setting "discount" and "100" to generate a coupon for free access to a content item in particular), the customer will have completely free access to its offer after entering a promotional code.
  7. expires on day / after activation : Here you decide if you want a coupon or coupons that expire on a specific date or at the time of activation. 

Click "Generate coupons' and then go to the tab 'promotional campaigns' to activate the campaign. Note that the campaign is not valid until you click the Activate button.

Note that there is no way to edit once campaign was created. You can turn off a promotional campaign that can be active, however. Here's how >>


He wondered how the 'number of applications by user' differ from the 'Expires activation'?

  1. 'Number of applications Porel user' lets you define detiempo amount únicacomprador / únicade electrónicoserácapaz mail utilizarel cupónen checking de1dirección.
  2. 'Expires Porla-maximal activation used' him finish ayudaa campañadespués of unacierta amount deusosdel discount code.

So let's say the "Number of uses per user is set to 1.
It was decided that this campaign should expire after a maximum of 200 uses a coupon.

If a customer buys access with a coupon code that you received they will not be able to use this coupon code to your email more. coupon code was applied. However, another customer will still be able to use the same coupon code provided that the max. He did not get to use 200.


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