Checkout and email header styling


You can easily style the way Cleeng checkout and automated emails (receipts, reminders, warnings), look like. 


How to brand the Cleeng checkout

Upload your logo and an exciting banner, and define the color scheme by following these simple steps: 

1. Log in to your Cleeng account at and go to its 'Settings'. Then click on 'Styling'. 


2.  Add a header banner to the top of the checkout screen, and set the background color. 

Note: Make sure to upload a jpg or png, 560px by 70 px. Looking for the #fffff code? Check out this website>>




3. Edit a welcome message that will be displayed below the banner. 




 4. What should be the default color of all buttons? You can decide it here. 



Note: you cannot edit the Single Sign On buttons (Facebook, Google, Yahoo).


Here's an example of a checkout styling:




How to style the email header

1. Upload your logo 

Note: Your logo should be 100-300 px wide and max. 70 px tall. 




Here's how it can look like: 


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