Can I watch Live events on a ROKU device?


Some of the event organizers make their Live online streamed events, sold with Cleeng, available on ROKU. They can choose to:

  1. Offer the event through their own branded ROKU channel,
  2. Or through a Cleeng branded channel, also available on the ROKU device. 
Note: Not every event organizer decides to support Roku. Please make sure to visit the event organizer's website and check IF they support Roku for a particular event you want to watch. 


Option 1. Access the event through the event organizer's branded ROKU channel
If a Publisher opted for their own branded channel, please go directly to their website and look for an FAQ/help section. You'll find there a step-by-step guide. 
Option 2. The Cleeng branded channel 
To add the Cleeng channel to your Network Roku App, follow these steps using the Roku remote:

1. Go to your Roku Player's Channel Store and browser for 'Cleeng'. Click to select it and click 'Yes' to add Cleeng to your 'Channels'.


2. Select the event you want to watch.




3. Enter your receipt number on screen. You find this in the receipt that Cleeng forwarded in an email, you after you completed your purchase. 

Note: If you haven’t purchased the event yet, simply use your phone (or tablet/PC) to complete your purchase. The event purchase URL will be provided on the screen.

4. Once you enter the receipt number, you will gain access right away. The live broadcast will start automatically at the time of the event. 
Please click on the link to access the Cleeng Roku channel.
What Roku devices does it work on? 
You can access the live streamed events on all types of Roku devices, SD and HD. 
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