You purchased but can't log in?


You've made a purchase but can't log in? No problem at all, have a quick read through the troubleshooting steps below.

1. Firstly open the receipt we sent you via email right after you purchased access to the video. You'll see there a link to the video - simply click on it and log in with your credentials.

2. Secondly if this doesn't work you can also try logging in via your Cleeng account. This account was automatically created when you purchased access to the video - use the same email and password to log in.

Once you have logged your library will appear with your purchase history. Click on this relevant link and you will be able to stream the video without any issues. 

3. If you purchased a rental, please double check that you are not trying to log in after the rental period has expired. If the rental period has expired - you will need to purchase access to the video again.

If you're still experiencing issues: please try using another browser or clear the cache and cookies of the browser you've been using.
Here's a tutorial that will guide you through the process, depending on the browser type and device you're using.

4. Still can't log in? Please contact the friendly Cleeng Support Team via


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