Promoting your event on Twitter and Facebook


Having a teaser that will sell your Live streaming pay-per-view event is a no-brainer.  It allows potential viewers and visitors to get an idea of what something is about BEFORE it has happened. 

It's super easy to add it to a Live event that you create with Cleeng.  You simply paste it directly from YouTube in the 4th step of your event creation flow:



Once your Cleeng event is ready, you can also give the viewer a sense of the vibe and the content quality on Facebook and Twitter!  

All you need to do is to share the URL on your Cleeng event-hosted page with your Twitter and Facebook feeds.  It will automatically be ‘read’ and then displayed within the post, just like in the examples below:



 Twitter card


 Facebook card



When someone shares a link to your pre-booking page, the video will be also added automatically to the post. 



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