How Cleeng handles refund requests


How refunds reach us?

Currently, we receive refund requests in 3 different ways:

1. Directly from the publishers - when they forward us a refund requests from their customers. 

2. Directly to Zendesk, whether as a reply to a receipt that was sent to customers after the purchase, or a ticket created within the FAQ for, on the event website; or through a ticket submission form from within our Cleeng Help forum. 

3.  To our in-house Dashboard cancellation page - this happens when a customer requests refund from their account. 

4. Also - a few days after the event is over, we may receive chargeback requests, filed directly by the customer with their banks. 

*Please note that consumers can also reach out directly to you as a publishers (via email, Facebook etc.) and you can cancel the transaction within your Cleeng Dashboard, without Cleeng's intervention. 


II Refund policy

We have a transparent policy for granting refunds to your end customers:

-Here’s the version for the Publisher: point 9.3. 

-And here for the end user: point 8.6

As you can read in the above documents, we process most of the refund requests automatically on our end, after validating the reason against our policies.

In case of doubts, we always contact our publishers to validate the refund requests (edge cases), that cannot be handled based only our refund policy.  

* For Live event publishers: we contact the publishers after every day of the event with a list containing all requested refunds. 

III How to see transactions that were processed?

You can easily see all processed refunds from your Dashboard. Use this FAQ to learn more. 


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