How to create your first Video On-Demand


Cleeng On-Demand is the easiest and fastest way of selling your videos. 

Once you have uploaded your video(s) to any of the OVP platforms we integrate with create a Cleeng account or log in if you're already a Cleeng user. Then follow the below video guide that will show you how to start selling. 



* Please note that when adding your video embed while preparing your video for sales, you will need to restrict the domain to only - you do it on the OVP platform you host your video(s) on.


Here's how to prepare for selling with Cleeng your:

-Vimeo videos

-Wistia videos


UPDATE: you can notice in your VOD creation flow another great feature in the second step. It allows you to associate your vod to an existing live event offer (to offer a replay) or pass/ bundle, or subscription. You can read how it works here >> 


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