Cleeng fees


Cleeng service fee will take place according to the following calculation:

1. Payment processing fees: for a paid transaction, credit card companies and other payment processing entities (for example PayPal) take a fee per transaction. Such fees are immediately deducted by Cleeng on every paid transaction at a standard rate of €/$ 0.29 + 2.9% per transaction.

2. For Live pay-per-view sales, using the Cleeng Live! the Cleeng service is 2.5%+€/$0.99 per transaction. How much you can earn per sold ticket? Check it here>> 

3. For Subscription Video-on-demand: Using the Cleeng service a fee applies of €/$ 0.79 + 2.0% per subscriber.

4. For Video-on-demand and other content: the Cleeng service is free. Only the payment processing fee will be applicable.



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