Creating coupons for your VOD/SVOD offers


Creating coupons is really easy, and you can do it for your video on-demand offers, including subscriptions. Click on 'Coupons' (your main navigation on the left hand side) and start filling in a coupon form.


So, let's first create a coupon: 

1. Give your campaign a name.


2. Number of coupons & coupon code: You can choose to create either one coupon or multiple promo codes. A coupon code is only visible/editable if you choose only one coupon.  If you create multiple coupons, we will generate coupon codes for you automatically.




3. Campaign applicable on: Enter the ID of an event offer (see point 6) that the coupon should be applied to and then choose from the drop down menu. 'subscription offers' or 'non-recurring offers' (single videos). 




4. Number of use(s) per user: Should your coupon be used once, twice or maybe 20 times before it expires? It's entirely up to you.



5. Applied specific offers:  In the event that you sell a large number of different offers, you can decide here whether coupons should be applied for a specific offer.  This is the place where you enter the specific offer IDs.


6. Discount: Here you can decide whether your customers will have discounted access to your offer(s). If, for example, you grant your customer 50% off the offer, they will be able to enter the promo code and get 50% off while making the purchase.

If you grant them free access (you can do so by setting 'Discount' to '100' to generate a coupon for free access to a particular content item), your customer will get entirely free access to your offer after entering the promo code.


7. Expires on date/upon activation: Here you decide whether you want a coupon or coupons to expire on a certain date or upon activation.


Click on 'Generate coupons' and then go to the 'Coupon campaigns' tab to activate the campaign. 


Wondering how does the 'Number of uses per user' differ from 'Expires per activation'?  

1. 'Number of uses per user' lets you define how many time 1 unique buyer / unique email address will be able to use the coupon in the checkout.
2. 'Expires per activation - max uses' helps you end campaign after a certain amount of uses of the coupon code.

So let's say you set the 'Number of uses per user' as 1.
Then you decided that this campaign should expire after max 200 uses of a coupon.
If one customer buys the access with a coupon code they got from you they won't be able to use this coupon code with their email anymore. The coupon code was applied. However, another customer still will be able to use the same coupon code as long as the max. usages of 200 wasn't reached.



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