Taxes and price differences


For any publishers selling outside EU:

Tax is not applicable at all. One of the strengths, that make Cleeng a straightforward and easy solution to sell content globally.

For the publishers selling within EU:

We work in accordance with the fiscal and legal regulations and thus fully responsible for handling the VAT operations on your behalf. Your customers will be automatically charged the correct VAT rate, in line with the new VAT regulations (2015)

All payments and payouts will be provided in your local currency, in the fully transparent and efficient way.

Here are the details:

  1. Cleeng adds VAT appropriate to the country in which the buyer is located at the time of sale and there’s no further action or configuration required from Cleeng Publishers.
  2. Cleeng collects VAT based on the consumer location and registered profile. The payout to publishers is made excl. VAT.
  3. Monthly, Cleeng reports - using the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) - the total VAT collected per country, and the administration dispatches money to particular countries.Please make sure all your publisher information is up-to-date.




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