Publisher Payout


 1. Timing:  Every month, under the conditions described in the Publisher's agreement, which you can read here>>, we proceed with a payout of your earnings:

- The payout is made around the 15th of each month. By default, the deposit we keep per month is 5% of all of your earnings.

- Please note that there's a $100 threshold. That means that, if you accumulate less than $100 of earnings by the payout date, Cleeng will not make the payout. It will be postponed until the total of accumulated amount exceeds $100.

For example, if your earnings in April have not reached $100, but in April and May you earned more than $100, we will make the payout on June 15th.

* In the event that a Publisher would like to close his or her existing Cleeng account and withdraw the remaining funds, they will be charged an administrative fee of €/$ 15.


2. Updating your payout information:  You can find your payment information by going to your dashboard -> 'Earnings & Payout', where you can opt for different payout options, either through Paypal or by a bank account transfer. Please note that you can choose in which currency you want to conduct your transactions. We process the payout in GBP, USD and EUR. For a payout in another currency there will be a 2.5% conversion fee that will be added, please refer to the publisher agreement, article 8, for further details. 

At the end of every month - and when you’ve earned more than 100 USD - your revenue will be calculated and displayed as a 'pending' payment. Any cases of fraud, as well as refund requests and social commissions, will also be analyzed at this time. You will receive the actual money transfer within 2 weeks after the close of the month.


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