Forgot your password?


Cleeng offer 3 different ways for you to sign up and log in. You can login via your gmail account, email address or using your Facebook account.

If you are trying login with your email address and have forgotten your password, go to the log-in page at, enter your email address and click the text that says "Forgot your password?" Follow the instructions to have a password reset email sent to your email. Please be sure to check your spam and junk folders as some times the email can end up there.



If you are trying to log in using your Facebook account and have forgotten your password, you need to contact Facebook directly to reset your password.


In case you are able to login, and just wish to update your password, please follow these instructions: 

1 - Log-in to your Cleeng Account.

2 - Click on 'Settings'.

3 - Scroll down to 'Password' section and click on 'Change' 

 Once you have entered (and confirmed) your new password, press the "Save" button. 

You're all set! 


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